Emanuele Taglietti – Halloween mood

In anticipation of Halloween sharing this with you….

Emanuele Taglietti

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Erotic art Emanuele Tagiletti

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Emanuele Taglietti is a very talented Italian illustrator! He started his career as an set designer for his famous cousin – director Michelangelo Antonioni. he would go on to work as an assistant director for Federico Fellini and Dino Rissi until the lure of Italian sex art game calling. The 1970’s saw the rise in popularity of digest sized graphic books called fumetti – whose main themes were sex, horror and violence. And man-o-man did he jump on that firetruck. He would create about 10 covers a month each weirder, more troubling than the next. An odd mix of monsters, violence against and by woman and a disturbing rapey vibe made these huge in Italy until the mid-80’s. With the fumetti’s popularity on the wane Taglietti would become a teacher of ‘decoration’ and mural conservation. In 2000 he stopped teaching and has focused on painting murals and watercolors – hopefully w/ some different themes than his fumetti work.

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