First Time Call Girl on 5Star

First time Call girl Cassandra

First Time Call Girl

5Star will be broadcasting Channel 5 escort documentary First Time Call Girl where i was lucky to have the chance to express my views on the escort industry. You can watch it this Wednesday, November 25th at 11.55pm UK time on 5Star. Click here for information.

I remember how 2 years ago, I agreed to participate in this programme. I wanted to break the stereotypes of perception of the escort world and show the world that there is another side to it – positive and liberating. When the sequence in the beauty salon was made, I was actually on my booking, but thanks to the understanding of Mr. Bond we made it. I was really nervous…

A lot has changed in these past 2 years. It was a time of rapid personal growth, now I live the life I couldn’t have dreamt of and I am eternally grateful for all of the opportunities that have come my way! But I still do believe that women should care about their men, be more understanding, compassionate and attentive. And in return they will receive that same and so much more, because this how the law of love works! In fact I think that it applies to every living being on this planet.

There is enough suffering and cruelty in this world. So, let’s make love not war! X

Yours, Cassandra

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