Sacred sex

“It’s time we saw sex as the truly sacred art that it is. A deep meditation, a holy communion and a dance with the force of creation.”

Cassandra Eden High Class Escort Bristol London

Sexuality itself is a sacred life force and the conceiving power in the universe.

When we allow it to flow freely, it elicits deep feelings of longing, desire and passion and in the blissful unifying act produces immense healing for our bodies and souls.

Through my presence and space holding you may attain:

Enhanced Intimacy: Sexual practice fosters a deeper connection and intimacy between partners. Gives the opportunity to learn techniques to becoming a better lover.

Stress Relief: Engaging in sexual activity can lead to the release of endorphins, reducing stress and promoting relaxation.

Cassandra Eden High Class Escort Bristol London Tantra Sacred Sex

Improved Mood & helps fight Depression: Sexual practices are associated with an increase in feel-good hormones, contributing to a more positive emotional state.

Better Sleep Quality: Regular sexual activity may enhance sleep quality due to the release of oxytocin and other relaxation-inducing hormones.

Physical Fitness: Sexual activities can be a form of exercise, promoting cardiovascular health and overall physical fitness.

Cassandra Eden High Class Escort Bristol London

Boosted Immune System: Some studies suggest that sexual activity can enhance immune system function, potentially reducing the risk of illness.

Self Exploration & Personal growth: Exploration of your fantasies and desires stimulates personal growth and deeper understanding of your nature by challenging comfort zones and promoting self-discovery.

Spice and Variety: Incorporating sexual fantasies adds excitement and variety to the sexual repertoire, preventing monotony.

Cassandra Eden High Class Escort Bristol London Tantra Sacred Sex

Increased Satisfaction: Consistent sexual connection is often linked to increased satisfaction, a sense of fulfilment and overall well-being.

Expands creativity and Imagination: Exploring sexual fantasies encourages creativity and imagination, contributing to a more dynamic and satisfying sexual relationship.

Cassandra Eden High Class Escort Bristol London

Positive Self-Image: Developing a positive perception of oneself contributes to increased self-confidence in interactions with women.

And to be honest… It also just feels really good!

Remember, communication, consent and respect for boundaries are crucial when exploring sensual realms to ensure a positive and healing experience.

Lots of love,