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Nature can bring us back to our bodies and reconnect us with ourselves. When you feel you are overstimulated by all that is happening in your life and in your mind, take yourself to a forest, a sea, a desert or somewhere else in nature, and you will probably find it doesn’t take a very long to begin to feel a shift in your mood and awareness. Eros is the vital flow of nature. We are part of this flow and we find our meaning through it. In that sense, eros is the deepest root of ourself, meant as body and spirit. It is from this root that we acquire the sense of what is right or wrong, pleasant and painful, before any intrusion our social surrounding and intellectual reasoning. I think that with sex, we bathe ourselves in the vital flow. I our sexual life we can lose our personal identity in order to be in contact with an absolute one that has the taste of the divine: we abandon ourselves in that absoluteness and in that loss we feel complete!


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