For the first time in 10 years of my wild adventures as a high class escort. I am actually trying to find some answers to the above question, that I’ve been often asking myself and as a reply to the people, who asking this question over and over again.

What do I love about being a high class escort?

High class Bristol Escort Cassandra

In my life I tried myself in the various fields, I used to work as a journalist, stewardess and even tried to work as a manger in one of the biggest companies in the city I was born. But routine was bringing me no satisfaction. In my soul there was urgent desire for adventures, creativity and exploration of any kinds. And so, one day when this desire became stronger than anything else, I decided to start a new life. A life of a high class escort.

The truth is, I love what I do.
But why? Why I love being an escort?


I love people I am intrigued by them, regardless of their age, appearance, gender or beliefs.

I love to sit in the cafe on a sunny day and just observe people, trying to guess where are they going, to feel their thoughts and worries, their mood. I am fascinated by the person’s soul, by beauty of it and differences of it’s shades… For me there is something beautiful in everyone! I love to find the best in people.

I have been able to meet all kinds of different people, artists,  lawyers, financial advisers and even politicians, people that I would have never met in ordinary life. I’ve met wonderful individuals and managed to make some great friends. I can’t even call them clients anymore, because there is such a strong connection, that it’s difficult to imagine and even more difficult to describe.

And yes, in them I have found my true self again.


Every time I am immersing myself into the new adventure, I am experiencing new emotions, countries, social events, arts, cultures, people this is why I keep escorting without getting bored and tired. Discovering new places, activities, sensations! Recently I discovered the fascinating world of sculptures, just because one special gentleman who is a big connoisseur of art introduced me to the world of marble and bronze. The world opens to me through my clients eyes and I am so grateful for it!


I love sexual energy, I love feeling it, creating it, giving it and receiving it back!

I love exploring the world of sexual desire and one day I hope to write a book on this subject, where my own experience will be combined with science and hopefully, I will be able to contribute the gained knowledge from escorting into something useful for others…

And finally find the answer to the eternal questions “What is Lust?” and “Why Sexual desire has such a driving force? An inspiration for ones and destruction for the others.

I enjoy the moments of intimate pleasure as much as I enjoy my life and yes, there is something magical about the world of eros!

Besides sex prolongs life, reduces stress and burns calories, it’s true I’ve checked! 😉


I love Bristol this vibrant and multicultural city has so much to offer. But if you stay in one place all your life, you will never really live your life to the maximum!
I am traveling a lot and often to the luxury destinations, but for me it’s not just about staying in finest hotels, which I absolutely enjoy, it’s all about the sharing spontaneous moments, meeting new cultures and unforgettable memories!


I am a very creative person by nature in everything I do. I have always been like this.
And being a sensual artist, gives me the opportunity for self-expression in so many ways! I feel myself as an artist-sensualist, because every day I am creating a fantasy, a dream… an atmosphere of complete escapism from ordinary life, where reality seamlessly blends with imagination.

In this wonderful world there is no limit, no restriction, there you can touch the sky! So, every day i am living the dream…


The magic of the unexpected, not knowing exactly who you are going to meet today and where you will be tomorrow! The pure sense of adventure! Ask me where I am going to be next month – I have no clue, oh where I am going to be after my trip to the South of France – no idea! And this is wonderful!


Escorting is more educational than anything else.
This is a real-life discovery of people’s nature, habits, philosophy, psychology and chemistry that you will never learn in college.


I love being an escort, today I am feeling grateful to my dearest friends for everything I have seen, experienced and achieved!



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