The power of red

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I grew up surrounded by the world of art and books about theatre and ballet.

I remember from my early age my Grandmother, a lady of aristocratic origin, introduced me to the wonderful world of art. We were poring over her collection of art books on many different artists, but the painting of Renaissance especially captivated me. “The Birth of Venus” by Botticelli was the one that really stood out for me. I was only 5 and couldn’t understand it’s symbolism, but I could clearly feel the power of beauty. As it was nothing like I have ever seen before it struck

me with it’s peace and harmony. Something that I will be searching for all my life.

I found in these art works a door to a whole new reality of mystical worlds.

I started to draw myself, at first I was just copying pictures that I liked, then I started to experiment with my own emotions and colours. I swear that every colour has it’s own superpower, it can create a specific aura or energy in the atmosphere and affect your mood. If you will relax and concentrate on your feelings long enough, you will be be able to experience it’s magic.

Let’s take red for example.

In Russian the word for “Red” means beautiful!

It is the colour of action and attention, stimulating and brave it is very intense.

And most importantly it is the colour of love, passion, seduction, and desire. It also defines enthusiasm, power, and heat. Lighter shades define sexuality and joy.

Whilst darker shades on the other side can be overpowering even aggressive. In art it’s often symbolises anger, willpower, aggression, leadership, rage, and courage.

The Power of Red

This is a colour representing masculine energy. It stimulates physical senses like sexual passion and increases blood pressure. It magnifies and intensifies the object, and is attention-grabbing. It provokes the senses and makes a person react faster.

Did you know that:

Red was used by ancient Romans to dress their Gods.

In India, China and Nepal, brides wear red traditionally, as it brings good luck.

A red ‘kimono’ in Japan defines good luck and happiness.

It stands for sacrifice, love, and passion in Christianity.

In Celtic culture, red stands for afterlife and death.

Now it is clear where the allure of red lips came from, together with the the iconic Ferrari red and my favourite colour of Louboutin’s soles…

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