I have been privileged to know such a beautiful soul and an absolute gentleman that has written this poem for me.

I am touched by it deeply…

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She travels the world with timeless grace, her beauty clear to see,
She shines a light wherever she goes, a spirit flying free,
She has a heart that’s full of love, to heal a world in pain
She smiles a smile that calms and soothes, like soft refreshing rain.
She looks at me and all the world so quickly melts away
She holds me in her warm embrace and leads me where she may
She kisses me and takes me to the moon and stars above
She bathes me in her beauty and her unrequited love
She gives herself completely and she opens up her soul
She guides me to our union and makes us as a whole
She makes the universe make sense in all its chaos and fire
She calmly moves through life’s rich course with courage to aspire
She is the finest human being that ever walked the earth
She made the world a better place the moment of her birth
She makes me feel so humble to be chosen as her friend
She will be always in my heart until my life shall end.

By Mr. A

I feel honoured, overwhelmed and grateful to you dear Mr. A X